For the introductory presentation of Ford CEO Jim Hackett at the car maker's City of Tomorrow symposium, There. commissioned and curated new photography documenting cities across the US.



There. partnered with The Usual to create a print broadsheet that is distributed to Edition Hotels' boutique properties in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


Editorial content

For Edition Hotels, There. commissioned an ongoing series of digital features that highlight prestige culture and travel.

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Strategy + VOICE

For wireless home audio innovator Sonos, There. created guidelines that were applied to communications across numerous consumer touchpoints, including marketing, content, retail and customer service.

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To support Spotify's young voter-registration efforts and Clarify content, There. commissioned 8 unique art installations at venues across the US. 



For the launch of Spotify's new video channel, There. curated a touring series of weekly conversations, taking place in cities throughout the country. 



For Japanese retailer United Arrows, There. commissioned a holiday artist's campaign that was presented in over 80 of the brand's stores throughout Asia. 


strategy + voice

For Calico Wallpaper and Cope homegoods, There. develops naming and brand stories conveying the handcrafted process behind their wallpapers, textiles and home goods. 

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Editorial Content

For the launch of the editorial 'timeline' on Uniqlo's global website, There. established content benchmarks by creating a series of lifestyle editorial features.

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Video Content

For the global release of Uniqlo's new line of Home apparel, There. created a series of short films and photo editorials documenting family moments.

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Strategy + Messaging

For 'fast fashion' retailer Uniqlo, There. created positioning and editorial guidelines to elaborate core brand values and establish broader awareness and affinity among US consumers.



For an artists’ commission series by skate brand Numbers Edition, There. highlighted new photography from Japan. 



There. has established 5 locations of Import News, offering a curated selection of independent publications and international food products, operated with local partners in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.